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13 Ways To Be More Productive This Winter

We share 13 ways to be more productive this winter to get through the never ending long winter months and emerge in the spring ready for a new season and a new competition season.

Be grateful for small blessings

Whether it’s been able to ride and see your horse through lockdowns or venture out to small socially distanced clinic last year. 2020 is a year for reflection, so look back and make a note of all your horsey highlights and refer back to them to remind yourself how lucky you are to be an equestrian.

Bite-sized Jobs

Are you starting to accumulate enough bits to set up your own bitting service? If you have a box of bits that are just sitting there, why not donate them to a horsey charity or sort and sell them on eBay.

Smart idea

If you haven’t worn your competition clothing for a while (let’s face it, there weren’t that many opportunities to get out and compete last year) then trying it on and checking for any wear and tear and that it still fits.

Clean start

Give your trailer or lorry a thorough clean and check for any wear and tear that needs some attention. Start your lorry up and give it a drive even if you are not planning to travel your horse for a while.

Make a plan

Make a fitness plan for you and your horse. Start with your own fitness and exercise regime and build one with variety for your horse.

Getting to know you

Try your hand at teaching your horse some new skills in-hand. From clicker training through to liberty work, you might discover something you both love!

Polish up on your knowledge

With the darker evenings upon us, settle down with a good book or educational video series and learn something new – from nutrition to how to ride the perfect half pass.

Keep things fun

Winter can be a miserable time for everyone, so try to keep your spirits up by planning some fun. It’s hard to set any plans in stone right now, but even planning to enter an online dressage competition or enter a photo competition can be things to look forward to.

Set up a yard video chat

Catching up with your yard friends is difficult right now, so how about Zoom, drinks and a chance to catch up whilst socially distancing? Perfect!

Clean your tack

Taking your tack home and giving it a good clean and condition will be the TLC it needs at this time of year.

Pole performance

Poles are a great way to add something fun to your flatwork and can be done in walk, trot or canter, ridden or on the lunge. Be inspired by Pinterest and try a new pole pattern each week.

Update your contacts

Does your yard manager have the correct emergency contact details for you, your vet, farrier etc. It might be a good time to review and update.

Join a Facebook group

Join a friendly equestrian Facebook group to chat and share tips and advice in a welcoming environment – it could be precisely what you need right now!

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