Jason Webb feeds Aloeride aloe vera

Jason Webb feeds Aloeride

Jason Webb feeds Aloeride to ‘problem horses’ that come to his yard especially when it’s likely that something is not quite right with their digestion. Of course this is agreed with owners first! Settling irritation on the inside is a very sensible box to tick simultaneous to spending time and effort on relearning and adaptation of behaviour. Optimising gut function is known to have a positive effect on the gut-brain axis which, as you may know, optimises tryptophan levels that subsequently can be converted into serotonin and melatonin. It mellows spooky behaviour without sedating your horse.

Jason’s working premise is, that you get more out of your horse if you understand how it naturally behaves and thinks. Jason Webb’s Australian Horsemanship aims to give each horse and rider the knowledge and skills to create a balanced partnership. He is passionate about giving young horses the best start to their ridden career and is dedicated to finding the solutions to behavioural problems.

Aloeride goes hand in glove with what Jason is doing, that is why he endorses it. Ours is a unique and fully natural feed supplement that helps the horse become much more comfortable and thus more ready to be persuaded to do the incredible. In old money this may fall under good horsemanship but in reality Jason’s approach is a breath of fresh air. Do find out at which events Jason will appear next.

“My Appaloosa who has never had a mane or tail is thriving on the product, his mane is growing (ready for him to attend my wedding in August all plaited up and his tail has never been so long). I’ll get before and after pictures to you once his winter coat has departed.” Sarah Muir (Goudhurst)