Keysoe CSI2* Showjumping

Aloeride Branded Saddle Square for Eventing and Showjumping (Lemieux Pro Sport Close Contact Square).Many serious showjumping competitors use Aloeride to improve the look and performance of their show jumper. Here’s why they feed a sachet a day: a more relaxed horse (for gauging moves as much as for flexibility) and a horse with more power jumps better, also stretching out during the longer jumps is easier for your horse when its gastric region is comfortable. Aloeride is delighted to sponsor the 9th class 1.25M in this CSI2* Show Jumping event at Keysoe. The winner of the Small Tour Championship Class gets 1 Aloeride branded close contact square (by Lemieux) + 2 months worth of Aloeride. Good luck to all competitors and we look forward to meeting you!!

Showjumping Results

1st. Suzanne Posnett – Maxim Van Overis Z
2nd. Emily Hilton – Milly Onair
3rd. Ben Maher – Pacome Des Plains
4th. Ella Popely – Little Luidam
5th. William Whitaker – La Cawarra
6th. Stacey Willsone – Alsager
7th. Simon Crippen – Frisbee
8th. Stacey Nichols – Gigant
9th. Amanda McGlynn – Andromeda 111
10. Tracy Priest – Ninja Sue
11. Charles Sienna – Flower Power
12.Kayleigh Watts – Blush
13. Lance Whitehouse – Prado D’Hammer
14. Benjamin Raistrick – Top Limit
15. Danny McGlynn – Babilonia
16. Colin Keeling – Aro Spun Gold
17. Jay Halim – Derby
18. Ben Maher – Diablo
19. Jessica Dimmock – Mersley Ezri
20. Jessica Dimmock – Whitesparke Flame
21. Jamie Wingrove – Kannzo Z
22. Danielle Farnsworth – Jako 111

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